Sunday, August 06, 2006

My My Myles

Well, Kaia's little crush just keeps getting more hilarious every day...

Myles has been in Kaia's class for less than a month now. The two of them are pretty much ALWAYS together when they're in the same room. His mom and I were talking some time last week about the two of them and their little "relationship" when she told me a cute little story.

The weekend after Myles started in Kaia's class, his family had a pool party at their house. Apparently, Myles was saying to all of the guests "this is where KAIA is going to sit when she gets here" (pointing to a spot right next to him). His mom had to tell him that she wasn't coming because he didn't know her when they'd made plans for the party.

Then last week I was talking to Kaia about Myles when we got home from school. I asked her if she thought he was cute and she said "yes". Then I asked her if he was her boyfriend and she said "yes". Then she said "Mommy, he said 'are you my girlfriend or what?' and I told him yes." LMAO. I told his mom and she couldn't stop laughing. The two of them are the cutest little pair.

On Wednesday, I caught him practicing writing the letter 'K' - practicing it so he can write Kaia's name - is that not the sweetest thing?

On Friday he drew a picture of the two of them. Kaia thought he was giving it to her, so when he went to leave with the picture she got all upset and told me that Myles said it was a picture of them for her. He ended up giving it to her...a gentleman already (that or he's just learned early that it's best to let a woman have her way)!

Here's a picture of Kaia's first love...

Isn't he adorable? The best part is that he's just the sweetest and most well-behaved boy. Kaia has great taste!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


So, it's been...ummmm...a while. Life has gotten in the way of keeping up here, but I figured I'd take a few minutes to briefly share what's been going on in my world...

I love my job. Right now I'm teaching the school-aged kids and am doing the phonics, music, and math programs as well. I also write the school's newsletter! I'm really enjoying my work - especially phonics. I just wish I didn't have to leave in November when we move. We're moving about 3 hours SE of Phoenix and I'm really going to miss my friends at work and the kids to whom I've grown so close. One of my co-workers has become one of my best friends, too. Her husband plays professional baseball and a good portion of her time as of late has been spent away from him. She is also Kaia's teacher and I just adore her. I may get lucky and Kaia will get to have her again this fall (at least until we move).

Kaia is doing phenomenally in school...and she's also got a crush. She's got a crush on a boy named Myles. He's cute as can be and is a really good kid. He sorta reminds me of Kaia's daddy in some ways, so maybe that's why Kaia likes him so much. Oh and the admiration is mutual, I might add. Five-year old love. Too cute.

Speaking of school, for teacher appreciation week, I was voted (by my co-workers) as our center's "outstanding employee". Three awards were given out...Kaia's teacher won the outstanding programming award. Of course it's more important to be recognized by parents and the kids, but it sure doesn't hurt to have your fellow teachers recognize your hard work. Yay me!

And...the best news. Hubby is back from Iraq - in one piece! He's currently in NY and we'll get to see him next month. My parents flew us and the rest of my family to NJ for the 4th of July, so he was only a 6-7 hour drive away. We got to see him shortly after he arrived, but it was a big huge mess (I'll spare you the details...only to say that someone else made my flight arrangements and they screwed up so we lost out on an entire extended weekend that we could have seen him as such). But, we had a great time for the 36 hours that we got to see him. He spent a total of more than 24 hours driving to get to see us, but he said it was well worth it (of course). He'd come to visit us for two weeks in May - we took a totally spur-of-the-moment trip to Disneyland/Sea World when he was here and had an absolute blast! Kaia was just in awe of the "Magic Kingdom". I've always loved Disneyland, so I was also so happy to go back! Kaia really liked the teacups, Dumbo, Mr Toad's Wild Ride, and the Winnie the Pooh ride. I couldn't get enough of Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters! Hubby just liked watching Kaia react to everything...

As for my little baby will be FIVE in less than a month! WOW! She's also starting Kindergarten in less than a month. DOUBLE WOW! My biggest fear is that she will be bored out of her mind in Kindergarten. So much of Kindergarten is learning how to read (and preparation for reading)...since she's been reading for well over a year now (she was reading in early 2005, when she was 3.5), I hope she will be challenged enough. I'm sure she'll be fine, but it is my job to worry so I do.

What else...well Kaia has been in her 3rd wedding now. Her cousin got married in June and she was adorable, as always, as one of the two flower girls. Here are some recent pictures of us...

First school pic:

From our trip to Disneyland in May...


Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kaia, the dork child

Since hubby didn't have to work yesterday, we got to talk to him online for 3.5 hours last night. It was great! Kaia would not stop talking (she was acting like she was talking directly to him and I would type out what she was saying). Man, it was hilarious. She had us in stitches with some of the stuff she was coming up with.

I just had to give you a little sample of some of her silliness last night...mind you, I typed what she said word for word (and she talks fast and she talks a lot like I do, so it's a good thing I type really fast):

ME: Kaia was just telling me something really funny right before you got online
DH: OH yeah?
ME: she says "yuck...I don't like that minty thing" and I said "what minty thing" and she says "some pink minty was yucky so I spit it out"
DH: lol
ME: so, I'm here thinking she licked her pink minty soap that came with her Minty My Little Pony bath set that I got her for Christmas (from you), so when I ask her again "what pink minty thing" she says "I don't was in the popcorn bowl" and "it was just some pink minty thing"

We have webcams that we use most of the time when we're talking and especially if Kaia's awake (he's usually online late at night when she's in bed)...he'd just taken a drink and set it in front of the webcam by mistake...

KAIA: Daddy, what is that Daddy?
DH: my Gatorade
DH: it's a drink
KAIA: Oh. Daddy I can't see you. Daddy, I can see you now. Daddy who's that befront of you? You're fired! (I swear that she has never seen The Apprentice, so she must have picked this up at school)
DH: It's another soldier (his webcam screen goes black here)
KAIA: I can't see Daddy. I think it's way too dark! Daaad turn the lights on! Where did you go, Daddy? I mean it, turn the lights on!
DH: can you see me?
KAIA: Yes Daddy.
DH: Nice flag (she was twirling around an Iraq flag that he sent to Kaia for Christmas)
Kaia: Oh Daddy, thank you for my flag...the flag that you made for me...that was so nice, Daddy.
DH: You're welcome...I'm glad you like it!
KAIA: (as she puts the flag over her face) I just covered my face...oh great...I just got a I cant see
DH: you're silly
KAIA: No I'm not Daaadddddyyyy! You are a nut! Look at the flag I made. That's what my teacher did Mommy because it was Saturday and it's Tuesday. (what the ?)
DH: Oh you made the flag? I thought I made the flag!
KAIA: (singing) Roll up the flag, roll up the flag...too much every day! You are covered in frosting! You are covered up into a flag!
KAIA: (speaking) Ha! It's just me Dad. I didn't say that Daddy, sorry. Daddy I just made you's in the kitchen, so I better make a cookie fast...and that's how it's finished. (we made cookies like 2 weeks ago)
KAIA: (she's spotted a tag from a My Little Pony toy and holds it up to the webcam) just getting hte words from my little pony - A Very Minty Christmas - and then the candy cane broke...that's not very nice at all...and then a unicorn said something. It was a magic pony called Minty and then the person said "I know...I promise" and then she said "I know what monkey is jumping on the bed"
DH: was that what she ate? lol
KAIA: Minty...stop talking...just let me do the story mommy. I have a boo boo to get that voice out...there we go..then you cannot talk! never talk! that was mommy and her grandpa horse!
KAIA: (holding up a chime ball from when I was a baby) Daddy...this is my mommy's baby ball, but I found my mommy's clock in the other room. But it was the same match...a horse and another horse and a goose and another goose (there are 2 horses and 2 geese across from each other in the chime ball). When it turns...the sky...then I'll say you and me and a shiny tree (channeling Marty from Rock Star: INXS?)
KAIA: This question is called Minty Minty Minty Christmas...and a happy new year!

She is too funny...and then she started getting crazy...

KAIA: (singing) crown crown crown..I love my favorite's a juicy crown! a juicy crown...a juicy crown
DH: Put it on! I want to see your crown.
KAIA: look at this juicy crown! look at this juicy crown! look at this crown it's a juicy crown! a j j j j j j j j juicy crown
DH: what kind of juice is it?
KAIA: fruit berry juice. I mean roni's a roni juice
KAIA: Hey...I didn't say what kind of juice! which kind of juice daddy? (Kaia then asked me "What did daddy say?" and I said "he didn't say anything yet because you are still talking")
KAIA: Oh, snap!
KAIA: Mom, I gotta spell Oh, snap!
DH: can you spell it for me?
KAIA: (typing) osnp (she sounds it out...I asked her "Is that that how you spell "oh snap"?)
KAIA: No! Hey...I'm missing a vowel! "A" - how about "A". (typing) osnap

Then she spots a porcelain doll holding a book with a '6' on it (one of those old birthday was mine when I turned 6) sitting on my desk...she thinks she's holding a book with music...

KAIA: watch my song. I'm doing the rest of the song. (I say "I don't have to hear the rest right now, we're talking to daddy)
KAIA: Yes you's the rules, Mom! WHen I poke the picture, I make a sound, when I ding the plate I make a sound (she's tapping the image of her dad on the screen with the flag's pole, which she's using as a conductor's baton)
KAIA: I'm making people happy because they like to sing (now she starts tapping the doll, so I tell her to stop cause she will break...she sulks and says 'sorry'...then comes back with a piece of paper that she's rolled up like a baton)
KAIA: Hey...excuse me...I want you to move! See I won't break her! See, I promise!
(then she starts making the doll sing Old McDonald, but she sings it incorrectly)
KAIA: Hey...not quite! Uh oh, it won't be right! Please Prairie Dawn, sing it right right (she's apparently pretending the doll is the musically inclined Prairie Dawn from Sesame Street, so I start laughing)
KAIA: Hey...shhhhhh be quiet to her music. That is rude. (I say sorry...she says 'shhhhhh' to me typing and I say I am telling daddy what she's saying)
KAIA: Well, just type it quietly I can hear the music! I'm reducting you know. No more talking! (she's tapping the baton like a conductor). Mommy my reductor is not right...Mommy it's too short! Mommy make it right (I fix her curled up paper to make it longer)
KAIA: I'm reducting Mommy..remember the rules,'s the rules!
KAIA: (to the doll) DOn't sing that way so my mommy won't laugh at you...scoot down...scoot down! I said scoot. Don't break by yourself, okay? I want to be the reductor, okay? So go ahead...I tap tap tap and you scoot scoot scoot. (she wants me to move the camera so Daddy can see the doll singing)

And finally, her story...

KAIA: Once upon a time there was a princess named Andrea and then she was proud and very smart. And then she looked at the camera and then she said oh my! what do you say? I don't know...oh that gives me a headache! move her move're readinga story silly! ah...chooo! I just said something in this sticker I mean...and then I looked in the sweetest crackers and I play with ronis and then I stepped on a costume piece and then I stepped on the costume and then I say aaahhh that was so scary and then she looked at the camera and said never ever ever and then she stepped on the spoon and said NO MORE HAIRS and then she stepped on the see saw and then she stepped on that and then she bonked her head and then she looked and she was falling...then she was not falling...THE END

LMAO! My daughter is the biggest dork ever. She cracks me the hell up. SHe's so damn creative and silly. The other day, she was lying in my mom's bed watching cartoons while my step-dad and I were in the living room watching Lost. She told my mom to ask her questions. She said "Grandma...ask me ____ okay?" and then when my mom would ask the question, she'd say "Hey...Grandma...stop talking to me...don't you see I'm trying to sleep". She did that like 3 or 4 times.


Yep, I'm actually here and posting!

Things have been hectic in my little world. Kaia and I have been battling illness - on and off - for a month now. I'd gotten very sick at work on the Friday of my first week. I was out until the following Thursday with a bad case of bronchitis and the flu. Kaia had an ear infection (only her second one ever).

As soon as one of us started to get better, it came back. Talk about annoying! Kaia got sick at school on Friday, so I had to leave work early (I wasn't feeling so hot myself so I was happy to leave), but I'd racked up 3+ hours of overtime during the week, so I didn't really miss those hours. Anyway, turns out she had another ear infection. Fantastic!

Work is going well and Kaia is flourishing in school. The teachers adore her and she's got one teacher in particular (Miss Cindy) whom she really loves. Miss Cindy is with her for only a couple of hours in the morning (she teaches Kindergarten and is in the classroom next door, but she's there with Kaia until all of the school aged kids have left for school). The other teachers are always telling me how sweet Kaia is. I'm so glad that she's listening...that was my main concern because she's only ever really had to listen to me and dh and occasionally the grandparents. But she's a good girl, so I figured she'd be fine. They love her and she's made some friends at school. She's got one friend named Sarah who Kaia talks about constantly. She named three of her toys after Sarah. She's got a good group of girl friends, but only two of them are actually in her class. See, over the holidays, because a lot of the school aged kids were there all day (while school was on winter break), they mixed Kindergarten and the 5s (Kaia's's the kids who missed the Kindergarten cut-off this year, so Kaia's a good year younger than most of them since she just turned 4 in August, when most of the kids were about to turn 5) in the kindergarten classroom and the school-aged kids were in Kaia's classroom. So she got to hang out with the Kindergarteners. Sarah is in Kindergarten (as are Maddie, Illona, and Mikayla, three of her other friends). Sami and Alex are her two friends in her class. She was a little bummed this past Monday because it was the first day that the classes were separated again...but she's been talking about Sami and Alex a lot this week, so at least she's not totally bummed. And she does get to play in the mornings and evenings and outside with Sarah still.

As for me, work is going well. The kids drive me insane pretty often, but I'm still alive and I have a pretty nice paycheck, so I'm good. I have some kids with MAJOR behavioral issues in my class...I have a girl who I swear is the spawn of the devil. She is just pure evil. Her mother and grandmother speak of her as if she's the greatest thing on earth, so it's no wonder she's a little brat. She's mean and does not listen to anything. She gets in trouble every five minutes for something or another. I have twin girls who are horrible listeners and are totally wild. I have a group of boys who are VERY physical with the other who will hit and push the instant he thinks no one is looking. THe devil spawn girl hits, spits, kicks, pushes, slaps...she throws things. She does it all and is by far the worst. She threw a marker at another teacher on Thursday and then elbowed him when he told her that was not acceptable. The thing is, the rules at my place state that these kids are basically allowed to do whatever the heck the want. We have 100 pages of curriculum a WEEK for four-year olds...yet any time they don't want to participate in something they don't have to and are basically allowed to play in any of the "centers" they want whenever they want. It's a mess. I hate the laxe approach. I'm all for positive discipline approaches as it's how I do things in my own home (with great results, I might add), but there's a big difference between positive discipline and NO discipline. It's no wonder these kids act like animals and are impossible to control. They aren't controlled at home and then they're allowed to do whatever they want at school, too. I have some really great kids, too - which makes it all worth while. There is one boy who is just fantastic at everything he does...really and truly, this kis is gonna be somebody when he grows up. He's four years old, can throw a mean spiral football (he can throw it clear across the playground, which is a good 60-75 feet), he can write his name very clearly, knows his letter sounds, can draw wonderfully...I don't think there's a thing he can't do and he's a total sweetheart, too. He has his moments of not listening as any normal four-year old does, but he's just amazing. I think he's gonna be a star quarterback when he grows up...I'm getting his autograph now!

In other news, yesterday hubby has his 4th day off since he's been gone. His 4th day total (he works 7 days a week, 12 hours a day) in 5 months. The very good news is that he's had a chat with his captain and apparently his captain had no idea that he'd been having issues (being left out of the loop, etc.) and the captain said he can totally see his side of the issue now. Honestly, I don't know how the captain could NOT have an idea since he's pretty much all but come out and told him exactly what had been going on, but that it's out there, things should get better for him. AND he might start working only 8 hours a day soon! YAY!

My brother-in-law has a new baby boy now...Jaiden Amari (Amari is and has always been one of my favorite boy that one's crossed off the list). It's a family tradition on hubby's dad's side to give hte boys the initials J.A. The only one who doesn't have a J.A. name is dh's dad. But everyone else down the line has the initials J.A., so we'd all planned to carry it on. DH and I cannot agree on J boy names for anything, but Amari was one of the few A names we both really liked (I like more 'ethnic' and non-Western names...he likes more Western sounding names, but not really common). Oh well. I'm an auntie now and hte baby looks just like dh did as a baby. Kaia looked exactly like my brother-in-law when she was born. Too funny. something else to talk about, so...

Monday, December 05, 2005

I start tomorrow!

Got a call today - everything is in order and I start tomorrow at 8 a.m.

I think most of tomorrow will probably be more paperwork, reading school materials/curriculum stuff, and observing the classroom. Kaia will be in her first real classroom setting and I'm a little nervous about how she'll do. She's got some issues (she's very afraid of public toilets, for example), so we'll see how it goes tomorrow. I'm packing some extra clothes in case she has an accident...usually it doesn't get to that point, but there's a good possibility that she'll at least be disruptive when she has to go.

I don't have any idea how the food siatuation works, either. I know the teachers eat with the children, but I am a VERY picky eater and am bringing something tomorrow (bringing something for Kaia, too) since there's a good chance that whatever they have, I won't like. And I wonder if I get an actual lunch-like break at all since we eat with the many questions! I guess I'll find out all of this tomorrow.

One other thing. There is a dress code. A weird one, if you ask me. You can wear either black or tan/beige pants (fine - that seems normal enough) and either red, white, or navy blue shirts. WTF? Sorry, but that just seemed odd to me. If they want to be that restrictive, they should just make us wear some sort of company shirt or something. And I would've liked to know the dress code sooner than 24 hours before I am supposed to work since I don't own any red, navy blue, or white shirts (I, of course, own white shirts...they're all either t-shirts with stuff on them or button-up blouses that would probably get ruined working with four-year olds all day long). So I had to go buy some new shirts today. UGH.

Wish me luck tomorrow!

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Do unto others

Okay peeps, I'm giving you an assignment.

I want you to do something nice for someone else today (or tomorrow or Monday...) - a sort of random act of kindness.

I was just sitting here thinking about how fortunate I am for the life that I have - a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food on my table, a wonderful family, etc. I know we all take what we have for granted from time to time (or all the time).

I'm sure you all realize that I'm a sort of 'bleeding heart' liberal. But, a lot of it is talk without action. That is, I don't often act like a bleeding heart. I don't do enough charitable things - as nice a person as I am, simply being nice and believing that ALL people should be treated with compassion doesn't exactly feed a hungry child, does it?

Last week I bought a Christmas gift for one of the angel tree kids and it made me feel good. I know all too well what it's like to go without and now that I'm in a position (at least MORE of a position) to help, I figure that I should put my money where my mouth is. When I was a teenager, my family had it really rough. My grandma started to get sick (she had been our sole source of financial support since my mom was often too sick to hold down a job) and the money was scarce...beyond scarce. When I was 15, my mom got remarried and we were now a family of six. That year, my mother and step-father's combined income was around $16K. Yeah...$16K for a family of 6 doesn't go very far. We were on food stamps. It was embarrasing, but it was through no fault of my parents' - my mom was too sick and my step-dad was between jobs. My freshman year in college it was even worse...they made just over $12K that year. Mom had taken a job as a realtor and she ended up only making about $1K for the entire year after all of her costs were factored in. Step-dad was working as a contractor (all sorts of stuff) and it wasn't a good year. It was rough to say the least. I hope my small contribution will at least help make someone's Christmas a little brighter.

So, in the spirit of the holidays (not that we shouldn't do it all year long, of course) I'm asking all of you to do something nice for someone else.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Lost Jackpot!

WARNING!!!!! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!!! IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN LAST NIGHT'S EPISODE OF LOST, YOU MIGHT NOT WANT TO CONTINUE (and if you haven't seen it, wtf is wrong with you?)


Last night, as I do every Wednesday night at 8 o'clock, I sat down to watch Lost.

The episode was supposed to reveal the truth behind Kate's past (her crime). Kate has been my least favorite Lostie since the beginning - I've enjoyed her episodes and backstories the least of all (I've enjoyed pretty much every Lost episode, but hers tend to be my least favorite). So, I was hoping that maybe this new Kate-centric episode would finally be one that I would really enjoy.

Ask and ye shall receive!

Last night's episode was chock full of great stuff - we finally understand a little bit more about Kate and why she is the way she is. She's still nowhere near the top of my list of favorite characters, but at least we know enough about her and her past to appreciate her a little bit more.

The episode begins with a scene of Kate in some drunken man's home...he's basically harassing her and she's extremely uncomfortable. He's in bed, she leaves...and the house blows up.

WTF! Way to start off the song with a bang (literally). As the show moves on, we learn lots of great things about Kate and her backstory, as well as some things about other Losties, too. Kate goes to her mom to tell her that she killed the man (who we are to assume is mom's abusive boyfriend) and her mom asks "what have you done?". Kate says she has to leave. Her flashbacks show that the marshal had caught her once before Sydney, but he swerved off the road into a tree at the sight of a some sort of large animal in the road. Kate gets out of the car and sees a large black horse standing in the road. Previously in the episode, Kate sees a black horse on the island. Creepy! She sees the horse after she runs away from Sawyer (who had just grabbed Kate around the neck and screamed "why did you kill me?") - creepy! And as if that wasn't enough, we find out that the man Kate knew as her father (the military pilot dude) is NOT her biological father - her biological father is mom's abusive boyfriend. Whoa. Dad was in Vietnam when Kate was conceived (that's how she found out the truth). So Kate killed the abusive boyfriend because she hated that he was a part of her.

Also, we learned that the Orientation film from Dharma Initiative was, at one time, separated by someone. In perhaps one of the coolest scenes yet, we see the two camps' "men of mystery" (Locke and Eko) sitting in the hatch. Eko proceeds to tell Locke a story. He relates the story of how Josiah rebuilt his kingdom not with gold, but with a book...a special book (The Old Testament). Eko then tells Locke that they, too, found a hatch on their part of the island...and inside, they discovered a book. Eko tells Locke that he thinks they will find the book very helpful. Locke opens the book and as he leafs through the pages, sees that there is a large hole cut out of the middle of the book - and inside the hole...the missing film! They put the filmstrips together and now the man in the film orders them to, under no circumstances, use the computer for anything other than entering the alarm code. It should NOT be used in an attempt to make communication, yada yada yada. Cut to Michael (who has been tinkering with the computer)...the countdown stops...a message appears on the screen...

>: (cursor blinks)
Michael types, "Hello?"
>: (cursor blinks)
"Who is this?"
>: (cursor blinks)
Michael types, "Michael" (he types slowly, no doubt for effect)
>: (cursor blinks)

Holy Fucking Shit! Cut to Michael's face to see him in stunned silence and that's all folks...the end of the episode.

Way to make us go insane while we wait 4 weeks for the next new episode!

In a related story...last night's powerball numbers came on during the Lost broadcast in my time zone. The first number: 42. STFU! Joking, I said "23". The second number: 23. Whoa. Too weird! Now if the third number had been 16 (it was 19...I swore it WAS 16 for a second) I would have passed out!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Random Christmas thoughts

* Kaia asked for Thomas trains (Thomas the Tank Engine) for Christmas. Our local Barnes and Noble has a huge Thomas train display in their store and every time we go to the bookstore, I practically have to drag her out of the store because she wants to stay and play with the trains. Originally I planned to get the plastic track trains, but all of the characters she really liked were only in the wooden sets (plus wooden trains are just SO much cooler), so I decided to go for the much more pricey wooden ones. They are hella expensive, but I found a site that offered them for 20-50% off between Thanksgiving Day and the Monday after T-Day. Whoo hoo! I snagged a bunch of great deals (plus got $12.50 off my second order with my "preferred customer" status from the first order). Pretty nifty!

* I put up my Christmas lights today. We don't have a tree yet. I don't know if/when we'll get one since I'll likely be staying at my mom's for Christmas (mom and step-dad are going on their "honeymoon" during the holidays and I have to watch my step-brother), but my house is currently the only house on my street with lights. One neighbor has a small lit tree in their yard, but no one else has house lights. I also have a plastic door cover with a snowman on it. I put up my lights in my PJs this morning and had to hack my way through the enormous shrubbery along the side of my house in order to string up the lights on that side. PITA!

* I bought dh an mp3 player. Got him a Zen Touch with 20GB. He doesn't really need THAT much space, but it got great reviews and cost the same as the one with 5/6 GB. And it has a $20 rebate, too. Yay. He might not get it in time for Christmas though because amazon won't ship it to APOs. Ptth.

* I just bought myself a bunch of old TV Christmas classics: The Year Without Santa Claus, Rudolph's Shiny New Year, Jack Frost, & Nestor, the Long-Eared Christmas Donkey (came in a set...I don't remember this one very well, but I do remember having seen it at some point). I already have Rudolph, Frosty and Frosty Returns, and Santa Claus is Comin' to Town. I also have the old California Raisins special, as well as the Garfield one and a few other random cartoon specials from the 80s - all on VHS.

* I already bought myself my Christmas present. I went to Big Lots today to get some lights and decorations when, lo and behold, I spotted the box with my Triple Chocolate Kit Kats! They hadn't been carrying them for at least two months (Big Lots was the only place I've EVER seen them other than Walgreens for Halloween), so I bought all of the ones they had (16...and Big Lots sells their candy for 33 cents a piece - DOUBLE score). They are impossible to find (I've seen them on sale on ebay for $36 a case - that's a dollar a bar). They are so good - I'll be going back there in a few days to see if they've gotten any more in stock! YAY!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Christmas pics

Just showing off our adorable
Christmas pictures...

The first two are the favorites,
and we've ordered a good number
of sheets of those two poses.

Notice the appearance of both
Daddy Doll and Daddy Bear.

This was probably the best
photo session we've ever had.
Kaia cooperated and didn't
freak out about the big umbrella!

Monday, November 21, 2005

Weight Loss Challenge

So my family members (to include my mom, step-dad, sister, and moi) are all trying to lose some weight before the mom & step-dad's big now renewal ceremeony in a month. They never had a 'real' wedding, so they're having one this time around. Very sweet.

Anyway, mom had already been on some 6 week total body makeover diet thingy (which worked WONDERFULLY - she lost over 30 lbs. in 6 weeks), but now we're all participating in the weight loss challenge.

We are working in teams. Step-dad and I versus mom and sister. I think it's a little bit of an unfair advantage for us since he weighs quite a bit more than the rest of us, but we're doing it The Biggest Loser style and keeping score with the percentage of total body weight we've lost. The winning team's coach (me or my sister) gets $100. Nice added incentive!

Now, I'm NOT doing the total body makeover diet because I would surely die after 3 days or so. I need to have chocolate every day. I've limited myself to 3 mini Kit Kats a day (most days...some days I have 4 or 5) which is only 100 carolies. I don't really do any bad carbs other than that. No butter (I did have some on my lamb when I made lamb last week, but just a little tiny bit), very minimal amounts of canola oil, very little salt...mostly just making sure I'm eating much healthier than I was and am eating smaller portions (cause I can stuff my face something awful). I have a high metabolism (always have), but I've just gotten progressively more lazy as I've gotten older. I've been exercising a LOT.

As of November 3rd (when I really started - I cheated and had Halloween candy on the 1st and 2nd, when I was supposed to be dieting), I've lost a total of 14 lbs. Yay me.

I want to get down to about 130. Aside from my hips, I have a naturally small frame and am not supposed to weigh anywhere near what I weight right now (154). I hide it well for a lot of reasons...from above the waist up, I look pretty thin - and I also dress to accentuate the positives while taking attention away from the rest. My goal is to be 130 by February. I know I'm on the right track, having lost 14 lbs. in only 3 weeks and I've only been REALLY exercising for the past week (the "challenge" started last Sunday night).

I bought a pair of size 8 pants today and they are just a TINY bit tight. YAY me!

Quiz time!

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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Athlete Eye Candy: Version 1.0

Quite possibly the hottest athlete out there, here we have the delicious Jason Taylor of the Miami Dolphins. He alone is reason enough to watch football.

Football players usually aren't my thing (I don't usually like so many muscles), but this guy is just gorgeous!


Friday, November 18, 2005

Pre-K teacher

So...I am a little late on the update.

I went in for the interview at 9. The center director had just left to go bring her hubby his keys cause she took his by mistake. It put me a little more at ease hearing that! The assistant director was very friendly. I filled out a gazillion pages of stuff.

The director came back just as I was finishing up. We made introductions and proceeded to her office for the interview. She asked me typical questions about dealing with children, dealing with parents, conflict issues, etc. It was very informal (she was interjecting anecdotes and jokes throughout). She talked about her kids, I talked about Kaia (which I wouldn't have done that early had she not been yakking about hers). She gave me a rundown of the job description and said that the position was actually for Pre-K teacher not program specialist. That's something they cover with someone already on staff, so that could be an option at some point down the road.

She wrapped up her questions, asked if I had any. I asked about the student to teacher ratio, which she said is no greater than 15 to 1, with 2 teachers per class. She then said "well, I'd like to offer you the job". I'd heard the assistant say that there were conducting two other interviews in the afternoon, but as the interview went on (and she told me that other staff members were leaving) I figured that they were interviewing for other positions. I was relieved, but at the same time terrified. I LOVE the age group - couldn't have chosen a better class myself! But, it was still a job - full-time. Scary when you've never really had to answer to anyone else.

The more I think about it, though, the more excited I am. It's a GREAT move for Kaia. It's only $75 a week for her and I'll be making $12.50 an hour, which isn't great, but it's much more than I'm making right now! HA!

I got a good feeling form the place all around. The staff seemed very friendly. I loved the classroom and their curriculum and general philosophies were all in line with my own ideas, which was great.

I'm thinking this is a great move in so many ways!

Thanks to everyone for the advice, support...everything! It truly helped me a lot and for that I'm eternally grateful!

Wednesday, November 16, 2005


I'm terrified! I just got a call for an INTERVIEW tomorrow! I haven't had a 'real' job since college - well, technically I've NEVER had a real full-time job, so I'm incredibly nervous. It's for a 'program specialist' at KinderCare. It'd be great for Kaia and the money would be awesome, I just really didn't want anything full-time. I applied a while ago (6 weeks maybe) and didn't think I'd hear from them because I didn't really have the necessary requirements. But they called this morning. And I'm scared! I hate interviews. I get tongue-tied in front of positions of authority (not to mention how queasy I'm feeling at the moment).

Here's a position description

Program Specialists - KinderCare
These positions involve a balance of classroom curriculum implementation and administrative responsibilities in our Infant/Toddler classrooms and our Preschool through School Age classrooms. We are looking for experienced teachers or administrators who have high standards and believe that the care they provide is invaluable. Ideal candidates will have demonstrated the ability to establish effective relationships with parents and children. Additional requirements include

No requirements were listed, but I know they were when I applied because there were one or two that I didn't completely meet.

HELP!!!!! I'm feeling ill.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Official Soccer picture!

Ain't she cute, squinty eyes and all? I know that you are supposed to take pics facing the light for better shots, but when you have eyes that are uber sensitive to light (which she inherited from her mother), it doesn't work so well.

She frequently says "'s just too shiny outside!" as she's burying her eyes in her hands. I love the way a four-year old describes little things like that.

I like how she matches the soccer ball, too! The blue shirt is the official T-shirt, and I thought it was way cool that they also use blue and black soccer balls. The kids really seemed to like that they were 'special'.

She should be starting up a new session in January. This weekend is her last week in the first level class! She still doesnt have much of a clue what's going on half of the time, but she likes running around and kicking soccer balls just the same. Last week's class was funny. It's a 4-6 class and there seems to be a good mix of all ages. Well, they actually attempted to play a game last week and it was pretty obvious (in most cases) which kids were older and had played some sort of team sport before when watching them during the 'game'. The older kids were all trying to kick the ball and actually play soccer. The middle kids were just running around after the older kids. The younger kids were standing around watching the action. Kaia was actually running around attempting to get into the action, but she's very passive, so she'd never actually go after the ball if someone else is kicking it - 'cause that would be rude! At least I know she has manners! She got to throw the ball into play during the game and she was quite excited about that! And she was on the team wearing the jerseys (which, I might add, fell below her knees...and she's not the smallest in the group at all), which she thought was WAY cool!

I'm thinking of getting her into the community's Tae Kwon Do course as well. I think the interaction with other kids is important for her since she's not yet in preschool. I might try to start preschool in January, though. It's just so dang expensive! She'll start Kindergarten in the fall, so I guess I should start the transition process now.

Gah! My baby is almost in school!