Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Meme: 35 Questions (from Mon)

Thanks, My Cherie Amour :P

1) My uncle once: worked for Exxon.
2) Never in my life: would I eat mayonnaise. BLECH!
3) When I was five: my parents divorced.
4) High school was: full of fond memories with great friends.
5) Fire is: scary!
6) I once saw: lightning strike 2 feet from my car.
7) There’s this woman I know who: constantly brags about her husband's sexual prowess to her friends and then doesn't understand why these friends are sleeping with him.
8) Once, at a bar: I almost entered a topless dance contest. I totally would have won $500 that night.
9) By noon I’m usually: eating lunch.
10) Last night: I went swimming at my mom's house with my husband and daughter...and we got sick after eating my mom's cooking!
11) If I only had: a brain :D
12) Next time I go to church: I will come back and post all about how cold it is in Hell.
13) The best thing about my last relationship was: when it was over.
14) What worries me most: just about everything that I don't have control over.
15) When I turn my head left: I see my hubby sleeping on the floor.
16) When I turn my head right: I see that the clock says 6:03 p.m.
18) What I miss most about the eighties: is great cartoons and TV shows.
19) If I were a character written by Shakespeare, I’d be: dead by the end of the play.
20) By this time next year: I'll be counting down the days till my hubby comes home!
22) You know I like you if: I call you a bitch *wink wink*
23) If I won an award, the first person I’d thank would be: the little people.
24) Darwin, Mozart, Slim Pickens & Geraldine Ferraro: all went to the same hair stylist (and should all get their money back).
25) Take my advice, never: eat pickles and then breathe on me. That's just gross.
26) My ideal breakfast is: one that I don't have to pay for - preferably including Belgian waffles and french toast.
27) If you visit my hometown, I suggest you go to: the various cultural attractions - Heard Museum, Symphony Hall, etc. (hey, when all of your sports teams suck, what's the alternative?)
28) Why doesn’t everyone: shut up and let me talk.
29) If you spend the night at my house: we'll eat chocolate chip cookies and watch suspense/thrillers until we fall asleep
30) I’d stop my wedding: if Taye Diggs showed up and professed his love to me.
31) The world could do without: mean people.
32) My favorite blonde is: Heath Ledger, though I prefer him not blonde. Blondes usually aren't my cup o' tea.
33) If I do anything well, it’s: everything.
34) And by the way: Mon is a totally awesome gal *waves to my bookend*
35) The last time I was drunk, I: couldn't tell you about (that's cause I've never BEEN drunk).

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Sweet Home Arizona

YAY! I'm home! And I finally have a few minutes to sit down and post.

First things first, the road trip was tons of fun. We drove from NY to Cleveland the first night and stayed with my husband's grandmother there. We had a lot of fun with her and she showed us as much of Cleveland as you can see in about 4 hours. We had to be on our way to meet up with my step-father in St. Louis...we spent about 5 hours in the hotel in St. Louis before we headed on toward Texas. We'd planned to stop in Amarillo for the night, but we kept on until we got to Tucumcari, New Mexico, which is only about 7 hours out of Phoenix. It was about 6 hours to Cleveland, 8 hours to St. Louis, and about 16 hours to Tucumcari. We stayed in Tucumcari and then made the trip to Albuquerque - we'd decided to spend the day in Albuquerque and enjoy the trip! We went to Old Town Albuquerque and did some touristy shopping. I was in charge of choosing the restaurant for dinner and I picked two places: one was a Navajo cafe, the other was a saloon-styled restaurant. Both sounded like fun choices that would capture our time in Old Albuquerque quite well. My step-dad shot down the Navajo cafe in favor of the saloon. Turns out, the saloon was upwards of $25 a plate. Oops. I ordered lamb, which is my favorite thing on wasn't $25 lamb by any means, but it was decent (the wine sauce was quite good though). We set out for home immediately following our bank-busting meal. It took us about 5 hours from Albuquerque and it was the first time I'd slept for more than ten minutes in the car during the entire trip, so it seemed that much faster.

It was good to be home despite the circumstances. But the good news is that barring some really strange and unforeseen circumstances, hubby is NOT planning to re-enlist again! Yay! And that means we can start thinking about an actual place where we would like to settle down. We'll most likely stay in the metro Phoenix area unless hubby gets a great job offer somewhere in D.C. (given his background, it's a strong possibility). I'm certainly not looking forward to the next year with him gone, but I will be looking forward to October 2007 when we'll be ready to move on with our lives and leave military life and all that it entails behind us. Whoo hoo!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Movies Revealed

Here are the answers for my movie meme:

1. Fresh - Great movie! If you haven't seen it, you should.
2. On the Town - One of my favorite musicals...lots of great songs!
3. Princess Bride - As you wish.
4. Usual Suspects - Definitely in my top 5 movies of all time.
5. Imitation of Life - Great movie about four women - a white woman and her daughter and a black woman (who is the white woman's servant) and her daughter (who is half black, half white). The black girl tries to pass as white and denies her mother, and the white girl has a closer relationship with the black woman than with her own mother. Good stuff.
6. Monsoon Wedding - A beautiful movie that deals with a variety of themes while introducing the viewers to some of the most colorful characters to come out of an ensamble cast.
7. Charly - adaptation of Flowers For Algernon. My AP English teacher showed this movie on her Wednesday-after-school-movie-viewing sessions and it was the most memorable of the movies we saw.
8. Once Were Warriors - One of the most powerful movies I've ever seen. It's about Maori culture and a family's day-to-day struggles.
9. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - My favorite movie of all time. Great choreography and songs!
10. Clue - One of the funniest movies ever. There's hardly one line in the entire movie that ISN'T funny.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

ADHD sucks

Or, Why I'm still nowhere close to being packed.

So, it's T minus one week until I have to be out of my house. We're slated to transfer our furniture to storage on Sunday (the 10th) and I still have a thousand and one things to do. Why on EARTH is this so difficult? I am going to fall back into the usual trap - no matter my good intentions, it happens every single time we move. Here's the rundown of a typical move:

1. Start planning the move down to every possible detail about 3 months prior to moving. Make charts, graphs, etc. of exactly what I plan to do and when.

2. Lose said charts and graphs.

3. Talk about how great I'm doing with the planning process even though I've done nothing remotely close to what was on my now missing schedule.

4. Start packing things two months out. Of course, I don't pack the practical things that I'll never use, I pack the things I use regularly (probably because they're the only things I readily have access to on a given day). I have a thing for packing my clothes WAY too soon, which only makes a bigger mess when I have to keep unpacking and repacking every few days. I don't know why I continue to do this...I do the same for trips, too. I pack at least a month in advance of any trip I'm about to take. You'd think I was some organized freak or something.

5. Start actually thinking about how much work I have to do about a month out. Up until this point, I've deluded myself into thinking that 'this time would be different' - somehow I'd actually do what I set out to do! HA! If nothing else, it's good for a chuckle (while I'm wallowing in piles of clothing, 5 thousand dishes I never use, and about 50 years worth of paperwork that I've only ever looked at when I'm packing).

6. About three weeks out, I actually start to do some 'real' packing...packing a few things that I won't use (which I should have done a month ago) and doing a lot of moving things from one room to another. It's also during this time when I start telling people that I'm "almost done" packing. Yeah, that's a good one.

7. Two weeks out, I start gathering boxes and saying things like "oh, yes, this will be so's not like I have a zillion things to pack" - possibly as a form of reassurance - but, it's most certainly delusional at best. In the process of gathering boxes and contemplating what's going ot go in each box, I tape the bottoms of all of them, knowing full well that it will only add to the aldready trashed living space. The walking path gets considerably smaller.

8. Ten days out, I start running around all frantic-like, wondering how I got to this point yet again. I have an entire house to pack and I've managed to pack the crap under the sink that is never used, the clothes that I haven't worn in 7 years, and the stuff that I've set aside for my travels. I have fifty people to call about cancelling things, transferring things, scheduling things, and I can't remember five minutes later who I'm supposed to call.

9. A week out (which happens to be today), I realize that there is absolutely no way in Hades that I'll be able to finish this monumental task without cutting corners. Cutting corners includes throwing random things into random boxes. This is what I like to call "fevered packing". I know I won't be able to sort the things out the way I'd neatly planned out nearly a year ago, so I just start filling boxes with whatever I can get my hands on, be that laundry, random useless papers, busted computer disks, toy particles, bottles of lotion that explode and ruin everything in said box.

10. A few days out, I start to relax, thinking that somehow, a magic moving fairy will come in and finish my job for me. Yes, I actually think that somehow the job will get done despite me and my hurricane-styled tactics. I need serious help.

11. It's moving day and I haven't slept since the day I started dreaming about magic moving fairies. I have to actually, like, clean the bathroom and kitchen. See, if I had been cleaning all this time, I could have blamed the magic moving fairies on the fumes. No such luck. I'm probably more sane once I've had my head inside the Easy-Off caked oven for a few hours, anyway. Have I mentioned how much cleaning and I do not get along?

12. At some point toward the end of moving day, I eat about fifty pounds of chocolate and rock back and forth in a cobweb-filled corner somewhere. I think I just sat on a thumbtack, but I'm in such a daze right now that I can't be sure. Someone hold me.

It happens every.single.time. I cannot get out of this horrible cycle. I need a 12 step program or some sort of top secret 'clean camp'.

If there happens to be a magic moving fairy reading this, please...make yourself known. I will pay in an endless supply of four-year-old canned goods, boxed pasta, hangers, and ready-taped boxes.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Movie Meme

1. Pick X number of movies that mean a lot to you and choose one cap from each movie.
2. Post those caps in your blog.
4. No looking at my user info or cheating in any other way, you don't have to comment with all X number of titles!


These aren't necessarily my favorite movies (though some of them are)...but they all have great memories attached to them for one reason or another.

Thanks to Wertz for the idea!