Friday, August 26, 2005

Depressing Day

Last night I attended my first funeral for a child. One of my high school friends lost her 4 month old baby girl to SIDS - she went down for a nap on Wednesday August 17th and never woke up.

The memorial service was very know the kind of service where they say "it was her time to go" and preach about how you shouldn't grieve and mourn the loss - well, that's not very comforting to parents who barely got the chance to get to know and love their little one. I can't imagine the pain that the family is going through right now - I was overcome with emotion last night as the video images of their little girl played on the screen...just thinking about losing a child is too painful.

After getting home from the service last night, my husband called to tell me that he would be going "out there" today. As if I wasn't already emotionally drained...he said it was only going to be for a few hours, but he was definitely nervous - after all, he wasn't really expecting to have to go on any sort of 'missions' at all and now the third day he's there he's going out...he'll be fine, I'm sure, but I can't help but be nervous for him. At least he gets to call often so I know how things are going on a regular basis.

On a happier note, tomorrow is Kaia's birthday party - she's so excited about her Backyardigans cakes! She's got some great presents coming her way, too! My little girl is four!

Friday, August 19, 2005

A Boo hoo and a Whoo hoo.

So, I'm all moved in to my new house (I'm renting a 3 bedroom house with my sister and her husband, but it's just me and the little one until the end of October) - only problem is that I won't have internet/cable until they move in because I can't afford it and the rent by myself. So I'll be taking a little blog-break until I get connected.

In other news, my daughter is turning FOUR next week! We'll be having a Backyardigans themed party for her. I don't know whether or not I've mentioned it before, but The Backyardigans is about the coolest kids TV show ever. Basically, there are five little CGI animal friends who get together in their respective backyards and imagine that they are in all sorts of different settings doing all sorts of different things - it's basically a musical for kids. Each episode has a different musical theme (there's a brand new episode airing today which features polka music - the musical themes range from rockabilly to cha cha to 70s/funk) and there are 3 or 4 musical numbers, complete with great choreography, in each show. If the Backyardigans had been around when I was growing up, I'm certain it would have been my favorite show! Anyway, I'm making the birthday cakes after two of the characters...Kaia's favorite (the penguin named Pablo) and my favorite (the 'uniqua' - which looks like a pink ladybug/ant - named Uniqua). I am also thrilled to have snagged a copy of the recently released Backyardigans CD! It's the first CD I've bought since John Legend. It's only got 19 of the songs, but it's got most of our favorites (Flying Rock Song, Yeti Stomp, Trudge Trudge Trudge, and our all-time favorite Secret Agent). I hope they come out with a Volume 2 before too long so we can hear our other favorites (Three Presents for the Sphinx, Ridin' the Range, I Love Being a Princess)! The first Backyardigans DVD will be released on August 30th...I already have 7 of the episodes on VHS, but it would be nice to have them on DVD! I believe a second DVD will be released in October - just in time for my 27th you think people would laugh if I asked for the Backyardigans DVD for my birthday?

Until next time - whenever that may be...