Sunday, August 06, 2006

My My Myles

Well, Kaia's little crush just keeps getting more hilarious every day...

Myles has been in Kaia's class for less than a month now. The two of them are pretty much ALWAYS together when they're in the same room. His mom and I were talking some time last week about the two of them and their little "relationship" when she told me a cute little story.

The weekend after Myles started in Kaia's class, his family had a pool party at their house. Apparently, Myles was saying to all of the guests "this is where KAIA is going to sit when she gets here" (pointing to a spot right next to him). His mom had to tell him that she wasn't coming because he didn't know her when they'd made plans for the party.

Then last week I was talking to Kaia about Myles when we got home from school. I asked her if she thought he was cute and she said "yes". Then I asked her if he was her boyfriend and she said "yes". Then she said "Mommy, he said 'are you my girlfriend or what?' and I told him yes." LMAO. I told his mom and she couldn't stop laughing. The two of them are the cutest little pair.

On Wednesday, I caught him practicing writing the letter 'K' - practicing it so he can write Kaia's name - is that not the sweetest thing?

On Friday he drew a picture of the two of them. Kaia thought he was giving it to her, so when he went to leave with the picture she got all upset and told me that Myles said it was a picture of them for her. He ended up giving it to her...a gentleman already (that or he's just learned early that it's best to let a woman have her way)!

Here's a picture of Kaia's first love...

Isn't he adorable? The best part is that he's just the sweetest and most well-behaved boy. Kaia has great taste!


Blogger Puffy said...

Start saving for the wedding!

6:56 PM  
Blogger Dave Clapper said...

Oh, he's a cutie! A good match, I'd say.

1:56 PM  
Blogger MTW said...

Boys are nothing but trouble! You must nip this thing in the bud! ;)

Glad to see you posting again. I almost removed your link!

3:11 PM  
Blogger HistoryDetective said...

Awww, how sweet!

6:35 AM  

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