Sunday, January 15, 2006

Kaia, the dork child

Since hubby didn't have to work yesterday, we got to talk to him online for 3.5 hours last night. It was great! Kaia would not stop talking (she was acting like she was talking directly to him and I would type out what she was saying). Man, it was hilarious. She had us in stitches with some of the stuff she was coming up with.

I just had to give you a little sample of some of her silliness last night...mind you, I typed what she said word for word (and she talks fast and she talks a lot like I do, so it's a good thing I type really fast):

ME: Kaia was just telling me something really funny right before you got online
DH: OH yeah?
ME: she says "yuck...I don't like that minty thing" and I said "what minty thing" and she says "some pink minty was yucky so I spit it out"
DH: lol
ME: so, I'm here thinking she licked her pink minty soap that came with her Minty My Little Pony bath set that I got her for Christmas (from you), so when I ask her again "what pink minty thing" she says "I don't was in the popcorn bowl" and "it was just some pink minty thing"

We have webcams that we use most of the time when we're talking and especially if Kaia's awake (he's usually online late at night when she's in bed)...he'd just taken a drink and set it in front of the webcam by mistake...

KAIA: Daddy, what is that Daddy?
DH: my Gatorade
DH: it's a drink
KAIA: Oh. Daddy I can't see you. Daddy, I can see you now. Daddy who's that befront of you? You're fired! (I swear that she has never seen The Apprentice, so she must have picked this up at school)
DH: It's another soldier (his webcam screen goes black here)
KAIA: I can't see Daddy. I think it's way too dark! Daaad turn the lights on! Where did you go, Daddy? I mean it, turn the lights on!
DH: can you see me?
KAIA: Yes Daddy.
DH: Nice flag (she was twirling around an Iraq flag that he sent to Kaia for Christmas)
Kaia: Oh Daddy, thank you for my flag...the flag that you made for me...that was so nice, Daddy.
DH: You're welcome...I'm glad you like it!
KAIA: (as she puts the flag over her face) I just covered my face...oh great...I just got a I cant see
DH: you're silly
KAIA: No I'm not Daaadddddyyyy! You are a nut! Look at the flag I made. That's what my teacher did Mommy because it was Saturday and it's Tuesday. (what the ?)
DH: Oh you made the flag? I thought I made the flag!
KAIA: (singing) Roll up the flag, roll up the flag...too much every day! You are covered in frosting! You are covered up into a flag!
KAIA: (speaking) Ha! It's just me Dad. I didn't say that Daddy, sorry. Daddy I just made you's in the kitchen, so I better make a cookie fast...and that's how it's finished. (we made cookies like 2 weeks ago)
KAIA: (she's spotted a tag from a My Little Pony toy and holds it up to the webcam) just getting hte words from my little pony - A Very Minty Christmas - and then the candy cane broke...that's not very nice at all...and then a unicorn said something. It was a magic pony called Minty and then the person said "I know...I promise" and then she said "I know what monkey is jumping on the bed"
DH: was that what she ate? lol
KAIA: Minty...stop talking...just let me do the story mommy. I have a boo boo to get that voice out...there we go..then you cannot talk! never talk! that was mommy and her grandpa horse!
KAIA: (holding up a chime ball from when I was a baby) Daddy...this is my mommy's baby ball, but I found my mommy's clock in the other room. But it was the same match...a horse and another horse and a goose and another goose (there are 2 horses and 2 geese across from each other in the chime ball). When it turns...the sky...then I'll say you and me and a shiny tree (channeling Marty from Rock Star: INXS?)
KAIA: This question is called Minty Minty Minty Christmas...and a happy new year!

She is too funny...and then she started getting crazy...

KAIA: (singing) crown crown crown..I love my favorite's a juicy crown! a juicy crown...a juicy crown
DH: Put it on! I want to see your crown.
KAIA: look at this juicy crown! look at this juicy crown! look at this crown it's a juicy crown! a j j j j j j j j juicy crown
DH: what kind of juice is it?
KAIA: fruit berry juice. I mean roni's a roni juice
KAIA: Hey...I didn't say what kind of juice! which kind of juice daddy? (Kaia then asked me "What did daddy say?" and I said "he didn't say anything yet because you are still talking")
KAIA: Oh, snap!
KAIA: Mom, I gotta spell Oh, snap!
DH: can you spell it for me?
KAIA: (typing) osnp (she sounds it out...I asked her "Is that that how you spell "oh snap"?)
KAIA: No! Hey...I'm missing a vowel! "A" - how about "A". (typing) osnap

Then she spots a porcelain doll holding a book with a '6' on it (one of those old birthday was mine when I turned 6) sitting on my desk...she thinks she's holding a book with music...

KAIA: watch my song. I'm doing the rest of the song. (I say "I don't have to hear the rest right now, we're talking to daddy)
KAIA: Yes you's the rules, Mom! WHen I poke the picture, I make a sound, when I ding the plate I make a sound (she's tapping the image of her dad on the screen with the flag's pole, which she's using as a conductor's baton)
KAIA: I'm making people happy because they like to sing (now she starts tapping the doll, so I tell her to stop cause she will break...she sulks and says 'sorry'...then comes back with a piece of paper that she's rolled up like a baton)
KAIA: Hey...excuse me...I want you to move! See I won't break her! See, I promise!
(then she starts making the doll sing Old McDonald, but she sings it incorrectly)
KAIA: Hey...not quite! Uh oh, it won't be right! Please Prairie Dawn, sing it right right (she's apparently pretending the doll is the musically inclined Prairie Dawn from Sesame Street, so I start laughing)
KAIA: Hey...shhhhhh be quiet to her music. That is rude. (I say sorry...she says 'shhhhhh' to me typing and I say I am telling daddy what she's saying)
KAIA: Well, just type it quietly I can hear the music! I'm reducting you know. No more talking! (she's tapping the baton like a conductor). Mommy my reductor is not right...Mommy it's too short! Mommy make it right (I fix her curled up paper to make it longer)
KAIA: I'm reducting Mommy..remember the rules,'s the rules!
KAIA: (to the doll) DOn't sing that way so my mommy won't laugh at you...scoot down...scoot down! I said scoot. Don't break by yourself, okay? I want to be the reductor, okay? So go ahead...I tap tap tap and you scoot scoot scoot. (she wants me to move the camera so Daddy can see the doll singing)

And finally, her story...

KAIA: Once upon a time there was a princess named Andrea and then she was proud and very smart. And then she looked at the camera and then she said oh my! what do you say? I don't know...oh that gives me a headache! move her move're readinga story silly! ah...chooo! I just said something in this sticker I mean...and then I looked in the sweetest crackers and I play with ronis and then I stepped on a costume piece and then I stepped on the costume and then I say aaahhh that was so scary and then she looked at the camera and said never ever ever and then she stepped on the spoon and said NO MORE HAIRS and then she stepped on the see saw and then she stepped on that and then she bonked her head and then she looked and she was falling...then she was not falling...THE END

LMAO! My daughter is the biggest dork ever. She cracks me the hell up. SHe's so damn creative and silly. The other day, she was lying in my mom's bed watching cartoons while my step-dad and I were in the living room watching Lost. She told my mom to ask her questions. She said "Grandma...ask me ____ okay?" and then when my mom would ask the question, she'd say "Hey...Grandma...stop talking to me...don't you see I'm trying to sleep". She did that like 3 or 4 times.


Yep, I'm actually here and posting!

Things have been hectic in my little world. Kaia and I have been battling illness - on and off - for a month now. I'd gotten very sick at work on the Friday of my first week. I was out until the following Thursday with a bad case of bronchitis and the flu. Kaia had an ear infection (only her second one ever).

As soon as one of us started to get better, it came back. Talk about annoying! Kaia got sick at school on Friday, so I had to leave work early (I wasn't feeling so hot myself so I was happy to leave), but I'd racked up 3+ hours of overtime during the week, so I didn't really miss those hours. Anyway, turns out she had another ear infection. Fantastic!

Work is going well and Kaia is flourishing in school. The teachers adore her and she's got one teacher in particular (Miss Cindy) whom she really loves. Miss Cindy is with her for only a couple of hours in the morning (she teaches Kindergarten and is in the classroom next door, but she's there with Kaia until all of the school aged kids have left for school). The other teachers are always telling me how sweet Kaia is. I'm so glad that she's listening...that was my main concern because she's only ever really had to listen to me and dh and occasionally the grandparents. But she's a good girl, so I figured she'd be fine. They love her and she's made some friends at school. She's got one friend named Sarah who Kaia talks about constantly. She named three of her toys after Sarah. She's got a good group of girl friends, but only two of them are actually in her class. See, over the holidays, because a lot of the school aged kids were there all day (while school was on winter break), they mixed Kindergarten and the 5s (Kaia's's the kids who missed the Kindergarten cut-off this year, so Kaia's a good year younger than most of them since she just turned 4 in August, when most of the kids were about to turn 5) in the kindergarten classroom and the school-aged kids were in Kaia's classroom. So she got to hang out with the Kindergarteners. Sarah is in Kindergarten (as are Maddie, Illona, and Mikayla, three of her other friends). Sami and Alex are her two friends in her class. She was a little bummed this past Monday because it was the first day that the classes were separated again...but she's been talking about Sami and Alex a lot this week, so at least she's not totally bummed. And she does get to play in the mornings and evenings and outside with Sarah still.

As for me, work is going well. The kids drive me insane pretty often, but I'm still alive and I have a pretty nice paycheck, so I'm good. I have some kids with MAJOR behavioral issues in my class...I have a girl who I swear is the spawn of the devil. She is just pure evil. Her mother and grandmother speak of her as if she's the greatest thing on earth, so it's no wonder she's a little brat. She's mean and does not listen to anything. She gets in trouble every five minutes for something or another. I have twin girls who are horrible listeners and are totally wild. I have a group of boys who are VERY physical with the other who will hit and push the instant he thinks no one is looking. THe devil spawn girl hits, spits, kicks, pushes, slaps...she throws things. She does it all and is by far the worst. She threw a marker at another teacher on Thursday and then elbowed him when he told her that was not acceptable. The thing is, the rules at my place state that these kids are basically allowed to do whatever the heck the want. We have 100 pages of curriculum a WEEK for four-year olds...yet any time they don't want to participate in something they don't have to and are basically allowed to play in any of the "centers" they want whenever they want. It's a mess. I hate the laxe approach. I'm all for positive discipline approaches as it's how I do things in my own home (with great results, I might add), but there's a big difference between positive discipline and NO discipline. It's no wonder these kids act like animals and are impossible to control. They aren't controlled at home and then they're allowed to do whatever they want at school, too. I have some really great kids, too - which makes it all worth while. There is one boy who is just fantastic at everything he does...really and truly, this kis is gonna be somebody when he grows up. He's four years old, can throw a mean spiral football (he can throw it clear across the playground, which is a good 60-75 feet), he can write his name very clearly, knows his letter sounds, can draw wonderfully...I don't think there's a thing he can't do and he's a total sweetheart, too. He has his moments of not listening as any normal four-year old does, but he's just amazing. I think he's gonna be a star quarterback when he grows up...I'm getting his autograph now!

In other news, yesterday hubby has his 4th day off since he's been gone. His 4th day total (he works 7 days a week, 12 hours a day) in 5 months. The very good news is that he's had a chat with his captain and apparently his captain had no idea that he'd been having issues (being left out of the loop, etc.) and the captain said he can totally see his side of the issue now. Honestly, I don't know how the captain could NOT have an idea since he's pretty much all but come out and told him exactly what had been going on, but that it's out there, things should get better for him. AND he might start working only 8 hours a day soon! YAY!

My brother-in-law has a new baby boy now...Jaiden Amari (Amari is and has always been one of my favorite boy that one's crossed off the list). It's a family tradition on hubby's dad's side to give hte boys the initials J.A. The only one who doesn't have a J.A. name is dh's dad. But everyone else down the line has the initials J.A., so we'd all planned to carry it on. DH and I cannot agree on J boy names for anything, but Amari was one of the few A names we both really liked (I like more 'ethnic' and non-Western names...he likes more Western sounding names, but not really common). Oh well. I'm an auntie now and hte baby looks just like dh did as a baby. Kaia looked exactly like my brother-in-law when she was born. Too funny. something else to talk about, so...